Sunday, October 31, 2004

From the annals of a former time...

I am always enlightened and amused by these two, they spark a laugh and engage one's mind to ponder the world outside the small boxes that we reside in!

News Releases: Weapons of Mass Deception

The fog of war on the eve of an election. Who to believe? Are they missing? Does it really matter? I'm still searching for the truth.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Sample Election Ballot / Touch Screen Voting

The technology of vote casting has evolved over the years and varies greatly state-to-state. I remember voting machines being used in Louisiana ever since I was a child. Its was the only means that I was aware of until I moved out-of-state. You can imagine my astonishment upon going to vote in Texas, and having to fill in a ballot manually. The thought that Louisiana was ahead in this category of voting technology was amazing to me. Or could it be that voting machines were easier to tamper with than paper ballots? While watching late-night returns in 2000, I learned that Florida had punch ballots, I was blown away!

After Y2K, this could not happen, "hanging-chads, pregnated-chads, and dimpled-chads, I again was confused. This was more strange than the occurrence of a precinct in Mississippi having more votes registered, than registered voters! And now Touch-Screen voting, computers with software that can't be fully tested for security by the government for worry of corporate espionage from others. No paper trail, but no problem, its fool-proof! Some counties are running it through multiple test to reaffirm its credibility.

On Tuesday, who'll determine the outcome of the election?

1. Registered Voters of America
2. U.S. House of Representatives
3. U.S. Supreme Court
4. Osama bin Laden
5. The "Fair and Balanced Media"
6. Electoral College
7. The Candidates
8. Ralph Nader
9. The Issues

For a sample ballot see:

Sunday, October 17, 2004

If We Have A Plan, Then Let's Execute!

The issues that face our burgeoning population like healthcare, transportation, water, and energy have been talked about as being crucial, for 30 or more years, with little sustainable progress.

Contract with America (1990), Fossil Fuel Alternatives, Conserve Energy(1973), Stay Alive at 55 (1980), Balanced Budgets, Trade Deficits, Healthcare Plan, War on Drugs, and Social Security, It seems to be like a cycle in corporate America. What the hot buzzwords this quarter?

What will it take to reform the system to give politicos the courage to make the hard decisions, and leave their controlling agendas behind, and start making things happen! Who would object to someone saying that all those born after 1962 will stop contributing, and will not receive any benefits from Social Security, and are responsible for their own retirement. Those left will see benefits cut to allow the plan to work itself out.

How can I possibly save for my retirement when the greatest generation expects to have all the benefits, tax abatements, discounts for their personal fixed income style. Presently more employees are no more than contractors with little benefits, paying huge tax bills, getting taken in Social Security Ponzi schemes, yet are responsible for their retirement, their childrens future, and will have to subsist at best in life?

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Debate this!

After intently watching tonight's debate, and having watched the PBS program on Bush & Kerry's formative years last evening, I feel that I'm beginning to grasp the candidate's views and rationales more clearly. They're very different in their views of what image government should look like.

I also came across a blog from a different perspective, one that seems to vocalize the feelings of those that are enduring freedom.

It brings the message home, or maybe how we would feel if our home was the scene of a war.

Monday, October 11, 2004

When is News Is Not News?

Is it propaganda? Fake news releases, fake reporters, and fake polls, whether it be Medicare or other hot buttons, the passing off of these items as "news" is disingenuous. It seems that in today's marketplace, as in the internet, credibility can be bought and sold. The principles of a moral society, based on ethics and scruples, can be snookered for a short time. Unfortunately, some citizens will lose economically, or base decisions on faulty data causing chaos and distrust in our system.


The following book with review, and link are inline with this premise:

Rampton, Sheldon and Stauber, John. Trust Us, We're Experts! -- How Industry Manipulates Science and Gambles with Your Future. New York: Tarcher/Putnam, 2001..

This book blows the lid off of "expert opinion" and "research" in America. While many recognize the threat from the big corporations, it remained for Stauber and Rampton to show that scientists and experts are often eager to sell their lab coats to the highest bidder. When you hear about some new research, what may be happening is that mega-corporation "A" hired PR firm "B", which hired expert "C" to fake some research. Then "B" organizes some astroturf pseudo-activists "D", to spin the results to the media "E", or better yet, "E" just runs the video feeds produced by "B" on the evening news, pretending that it's a story. This all translates into more profits for "A" through "E", while We the People get "F*****".

found at:

Sunday, October 10, 2004

More or Less Equal Treatment of Candidates

I heard an interesting report about an internal memo from ABC news. It appears that nothing may appear or be as it seems. It is quite possible that new releases are timed to partner with current events to reinforce or negate the views of various organizations. Whether it be Swift Boat, Dan Rather, Matt Drudge, or the Bush Admin, what is the truth, the whole truth.

In this info age of instant access to all news, grit, and grime, there is no way to verify authenicity of even who is writing the message, much less the content.

caveat emptor

Saturday, October 09, 2004

PBGC: Creating Hope Where Greed Prevailed

I recently received notification from the PBGC that now oversees my former employer's now defunct pension plan that the amount of my future pension benefit had been determined. I was relieved to learn this news, I had been oscillating for three years, always wondering what the outcome would be. This and the only other vestige of my former life (Pic Yahoo board), which is now stagnant due to inactivity, are slowly becoming a fading focal point on the continuing saga of my life.

Hopefully, the matrix of blogs created by former yahoo's will take over as a lasting way to expand our networks to stay in contact with former associates, and let the world benefit from our many diverse humors and perpectives.

The PBGC recently held a forum in the Baton Rouge & New Orleans to discuss with Piccadilly's pensioners the skinny on their admin of the plan and what's different and whats alike. I would like to get feedback on this, as I was unable to make it on the dates, and neither Bush or Kerry failed to mention it in their rhetoric.

The question of the day is: Will the Longhorns prevail over the Sooners?

Speaking of "Scowls", who has the most animated scowl?

1. George Bush in a debate
2. Nick Saban this season
3. Hillary Clinton watching Bush
4. Mark M. selling auto insurance
5. Ronnie L. buying insurance from USA

stay Tuned!