Thursday, August 31, 2006

Glenn Ford

"The Fastest Gun Alive"


At 4:25 AM, Blogger vietnamcatfish said...

The proprietor of the Pond had another synchronistic moment this week. I was watching the boob tube-as is my style-and writing another foray into the infantile for my blog. One movie ended and another took its place which is customary. Lo and behold the entry was "Lust for Gold" or something like that. It starred Glenn Ford as a mean hombre who had discovered "The Lost Dutchman Mine," circa 1880's.

Two days later the star of the flick was dead at 90 something. Heard it on the radio.

I liked him in "The Blackbored Jungle" with an all-star cast. Sydney Poiter, Vic Morrow, and Sal Mineo. Seems Anne Francis, she of the stylish mole on her beautiful face, was the femme fatale. She later starred in "Honey West," as a tough-talking beautiful private dick.

All of the info was sans google search. Too bad I can't remember the important things.

Every day is opening day, v.c.

P.S. And whatever happened to dilly reaux?


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