Sunday, September 12, 2004

The Re-Creation of PicTru

My thoughts previously have dwelt on the sorrows of a young Pic manager who embraces and thrives in the system of a company with lots of pomp and circumstance. My life has evolved in the last 20 years from a relative sheltered life based in Louisiana to one that after living in five other places, each totally different in make-up, to one that is comprised of five members and thoughts of a dog.

The reflections of my life up until now will allow me to venture into areas that hopefully will affect the lives of my family and my community in a positive way. I wish impart to my children the lessons of life thus far, and to teach by example, the joy of giving.

With time to be involved in areas of work, school, civic, and more importantly church, I find that my time to be a loner is waning, although the rewards are great.

Having experienced a natural diaster, the peril of those in the paths of hurricanes both US and OUS are great in thought. There was both challenge and excitement for a teenager, but seeing you parents crying and holding each other in the aftermath, knowing that everything they've created thus far is lost or damaged awakens one to see a greater picture. Only what you instill into the hearts and minds of your children can be called forth to begin the process of getting on.