Sunday, October 17, 2004

If We Have A Plan, Then Let's Execute!

The issues that face our burgeoning population like healthcare, transportation, water, and energy have been talked about as being crucial, for 30 or more years, with little sustainable progress.

Contract with America (1990), Fossil Fuel Alternatives, Conserve Energy(1973), Stay Alive at 55 (1980), Balanced Budgets, Trade Deficits, Healthcare Plan, War on Drugs, and Social Security, It seems to be like a cycle in corporate America. What the hot buzzwords this quarter?

What will it take to reform the system to give politicos the courage to make the hard decisions, and leave their controlling agendas behind, and start making things happen! Who would object to someone saying that all those born after 1962 will stop contributing, and will not receive any benefits from Social Security, and are responsible for their own retirement. Those left will see benefits cut to allow the plan to work itself out.

How can I possibly save for my retirement when the greatest generation expects to have all the benefits, tax abatements, discounts for their personal fixed income style. Presently more employees are no more than contractors with little benefits, paying huge tax bills, getting taken in Social Security Ponzi schemes, yet are responsible for their retirement, their childrens future, and will have to subsist at best in life?


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