Sunday, December 03, 2006

Yahoo Pic Board

My first post on the what was thought to be defunct message board. With a simple search, I found what I thought was lost for good, the thousands of messages posted from those from the brotherhood of a common cause and bond.

A glance back inside the box originally posted 13-Jan-02 12:06 am

I had the pleasure of visiting one of my former units today. Most of the long-term employees were there still making line-up. I saw #211 Picc Fresh Fruit freshly cut, Cream Slaw shredded properly, Barbecued Chicken by the recipe with the distinctive crust, and Buttered Broccoli panned-up nicely. The "Parkerhouse" rolls golden brown, and the pie line... Cherry pie, marble-like cherries in a flaky-crust, Coconut Meringue, not too tight with fresh meringue. TQC or THH? I didn't ask, but lots of TLC was evident! The floor looked nice, early clean-up evident, the only thing that jumped out at me was the look in their eyes of an uncertain future. After years of many course changes, different managers, ceo's and warm fuzzies, it seemed a few cold pricklies had come their way. Their controllables seemed ready for the next 9 1/2 hours, unlike the neglected condition of the restrooms and the absence of a "Take Me" look decor. Will they make it through another change? Will we need them to? There is no doubt that they can do it! Look at what they've done for years. They will need a few warm fuzzies to come their way to keep the spark in their eyes. It's a lot of little things that help companies maintain and develop their greatest assets.

Some of the thing's I remember are...

Getting a call from MTS on your B-day or DOH
Bob Powell smiling after walking in at 7:45pm, after going down your line.
Your DM's only comment is that the squash is cut wrong
Over-hearing an employee tell a new-hire that you're fair
Presenting a 40-year watch to your Chef
Being able to award a free meal for Cust Gain
On a day when you're opening and closing, your employees tell you to take lunch, they've got it! It goes on, and so will the Picc, if we have'nt already sold our souls to...


Read all the messages from then to now at...


At 7:45 PM, Blogger Hoots said...

Pretty neat, huh?
If you do an advanced search with only your screen name in the "author" field it links all you ever posted.
I found my own first ever Yahoo post from 1999 and quoted myself in a recent post about the minimum wage.

See also

(According to my editing "dashboard" at beta-blogger I just passed 1900 posts. That is a little over two years' publishing. Don't get many comments but it's great fun. Many, many hits from searches. Very few from regular readers. But hey, it keeps me out of trouble and off the streets.)


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