Saturday, October 09, 2004

PBGC: Creating Hope Where Greed Prevailed

I recently received notification from the PBGC that now oversees my former employer's now defunct pension plan that the amount of my future pension benefit had been determined. I was relieved to learn this news, I had been oscillating for three years, always wondering what the outcome would be. This and the only other vestige of my former life (Pic Yahoo board), which is now stagnant due to inactivity, are slowly becoming a fading focal point on the continuing saga of my life.

Hopefully, the matrix of blogs created by former yahoo's will take over as a lasting way to expand our networks to stay in contact with former associates, and let the world benefit from our many diverse humors and perpectives.

The PBGC recently held a forum in the Baton Rouge & New Orleans to discuss with Piccadilly's pensioners the skinny on their admin of the plan and what's different and whats alike. I would like to get feedback on this, as I was unable to make it on the dates, and neither Bush or Kerry failed to mention it in their rhetoric.

The question of the day is: Will the Longhorns prevail over the Sooners?

Speaking of "Scowls", who has the most animated scowl?

1. George Bush in a debate
2. Nick Saban this season
3. Hillary Clinton watching Bush
4. Mark M. selling auto insurance
5. Ronnie L. buying insurance from USA

stay Tuned!



At 10:28 PM, Blogger vietnamcatfish said...

Hey, v.c. did his part. Post 7087 in reply to sleepy bored. As a famed football prognosticator, gotta go with the Sooners. Too bad da Ain'ts took it on the chin today.

Who is the enigmatic Pictru?

a) Fabio
b) Tom Cruise stunt double
c) Kurt Warner
d) The Express ( Nolan Ryan )
e) Rusty Staub's Cousin

farewell ....v.c.

At 4:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Third party info here, but I heard from a friend who heard from an ex Piccadilly employee whom had attended the PBCG meeting in Baton Rouge last week. He visited the G.O. after the meeting and was rumored to have commented that his retirement was considerably less than he had calculated. He also said that he had heard that Ronnie LaBoarde was now working somewhere as an investment banker. He said he should probably turn his pension over to him and let him pilfer what was left away as well!


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