Saturday, October 30, 2004

Sample Election Ballot / Touch Screen Voting

The technology of vote casting has evolved over the years and varies greatly state-to-state. I remember voting machines being used in Louisiana ever since I was a child. Its was the only means that I was aware of until I moved out-of-state. You can imagine my astonishment upon going to vote in Texas, and having to fill in a ballot manually. The thought that Louisiana was ahead in this category of voting technology was amazing to me. Or could it be that voting machines were easier to tamper with than paper ballots? While watching late-night returns in 2000, I learned that Florida had punch ballots, I was blown away!

After Y2K, this could not happen, "hanging-chads, pregnated-chads, and dimpled-chads, I again was confused. This was more strange than the occurrence of a precinct in Mississippi having more votes registered, than registered voters! And now Touch-Screen voting, computers with software that can't be fully tested for security by the government for worry of corporate espionage from others. No paper trail, but no problem, its fool-proof! Some counties are running it through multiple test to reaffirm its credibility.

On Tuesday, who'll determine the outcome of the election?

1. Registered Voters of America
2. U.S. House of Representatives
3. U.S. Supreme Court
4. Osama bin Laden
5. The "Fair and Balanced Media"
6. Electoral College
7. The Candidates
8. Ralph Nader
9. The Issues

For a sample ballot see:


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