Sunday, October 31, 2004

From the annals of a former time...

I am always enlightened and amused by these two, they spark a laugh and engage one's mind to ponder the world outside the small boxes that we reside in!


At 3:38 PM, Blogger Hoots said...

Thanks for the nod. I'm sure Cat feels the same.
This blog business is endless. Historically we have thought of media sources -- radio or TV broadcast, books, magazines or newspapers, even public speakers -- as a place to find original content. The successful weblog often deals less with original content and more with content found elsewhere. Just look at the blogrolls in the sidebars. Think about it. We like to find places that tell us where to find OTHER places that might be...what? More interesting? Go figure.
Cat's blog is better than mine because he deals with original stuff. That makes it harder to keep up. Too much of that and you risk burnout.
I'm just coasting and surfing. When I come across something that strikes my fancy I hit the orange Blogger button, bang out a post and keep going.
Piece of cake.

At 9:53 AM, Blogger vietnamcatfish said...

From the burned-out mind of one, vee cee. Maybe I always saw myself as a writer, eh? And fantasized about having a daily column, allah Dorothy Kilgalen and Hedda Hopper and Dave Barry. Now we are coming out of the closet. Enjoying it but sometimes it's hard to engage the time.

A tip of the cat to you, pictru. We have always enjoyed your forays. From PIC to your new blog. Too bad the old message bored has met its Waterloo. Blame it on Rio, er, Hoots.

Thanks for the kind words, v.c.

P.S. a) Al Gore
b) Xavier Cugat
c) Danny de Vito
d) Bernie Taupin
e) Neon Deion Sanders


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