Thursday, September 15, 2005


I remember going to St.Martinville in the third grade on a field trip. The souvenir that I chose to bring home was a piece of wood that was on the original Acadien House. This 24 inch piece of wood that was like a piece of petrified driftwood was something that I was very fond of growing up...a piece of history. Cajun history! It remained in my closet for years...until I lost track of it when our home flooded with over four feet of water, I was seventeen at the time.

Upon returning to our home after the water receded, I went to my room to survey the damage. I found a pile of mud, beside the mud on the floors that was the remains of a clay pot that I had made when I was a freshman.

Inside an old book I found written...

Ashes to Ashes...

Dust to Dust,

If Alegebra doesn't kill us...

Ancient History must.

This song written by Randy Newman (any relation to Paul or Jimmy C. ?) is very timely...

What has happened down here is the wind have changed
Clouds roll in from the north and it started to rain
Rained real hard and rained for a real long time
Six feet of water in the streets of Evangeline

The river rose all day
The river rose all night
Some people got lost in the flood
Some people got away alright
The river have busted through cleard down to Plaquemines
Six feet of water in the streets of Evangeline

Louisiana, Louisiana
They're tyrin' to wash us away
They're tryin' to wash us away
Louisiana, Louisiana
They're tryin' to wash us away
They're tryin' to wash us away

President Coolidge came down in a railroad train
With a little fat man with a note-pad in his hand
The President say, "Little fat man isn't it a shame what the river has done
To this poor crackers land."



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