Saturday, September 03, 2005

No Big Easy

Finally, it seems that things are happening to a greater degree to give relief to those that have suffered these past five days. It would have been truly amazing to have had all aspect of rescue and recovery occuring at one time.

It seems that maintaining order and supplying food and water was secondary to rescuing those trapped and stranded. There should have been enough boots on the ground to perform all these missions at once, which would have lessened the chaos of the past days.

Who failed to execute the crisis management plan?

First, the Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana should worked in concert afterHurricane Katrina passed over Florida and began it path into the Gulf of Mexico strengthening. Knowing that New Orleans couldn't withstand a Cat 5 hurricane, the mandatory evacuations should have been truly mandatory to include airlifts, and all assets necessary to avoid leaving 100,000 people, to weather the storm.

Second, failing the first test, Governor Blanco should have declared "Broken Arrow", and diverted all resources necessary to aid in the aftermath immediately.

Thirdly, even if the state didn't make all the right request in a timely manner, FEMA should have awoke itself readily to execute its plan PDQ.

President Bush, having the perfect vantage point, should have been raising hell like Ray Nagin to get things rolling quicker.

Trust in your people to execute the plan is vital, but the "Follow-Up" is most important if you're not leading the charge.

The relief will have involved nearly everyone across the nation, proudly committing whatever resources are needed, to ensure the relief needed for those affected.

Along with the Greater New Orleans area are many places in as great a need, including Mississipi and Alabama areas that are equally devastated.

Restoration efforts will begin in areas that will benefit the greatest number immediately. People are helping themselves, while others will whine forever. Let us be sure not to forget the people in the rural areas that will not depend on Big Brother.



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