Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Southeast Louisiana Hurricane Evacuation Plan

After listening to various accounts and seeing the aftermath of this catatrophic hurricane, I wondered how could there be no plan to execute. There was a plan that apparently wasn't executed due to some unknown reason, or this hurricane had varibles that weren't easily adaptable to any scenario previously planned for.

It was a plan that was to begin locally and involve the state if needed to accomplish the task through a step process utilizing all resources locally then expanding statewide befor the federal government was involved.

We are in rescue-recovery mode and the days leading into the hurricane are slated for discussion later after immediate needs are met.

My local government without any help has sheltered. fed, put kids back in school, and begun the process for getting people into housing and jobs solely in the last few days under the authority and direction of the mayor, and with the powerful help of the private sector along with uncountable citizens. The plan was laid out, executed, and peoples lifes are being put back together at the local level.



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