Monday, November 01, 2004

The Longest Day: 60 Years After, Election 2004

Remembering working late on Election Day 2000, then arriving home to follow the returns until 3 am, when we knew that there would be no winner yet.

Tomorrow will be a monumental day in the lives of America. President Bush, who I believe has led the American people in good faith, making the hard choices, and putting it all on the line for the benefit of those who will follow. His actions domestically are lacking in many ways with deficits, jobs, and healthcare begging for solutions that haven't evolved yet! The emphasis has been on "force protection" since 2001. Dealing with more terroist activity on "mainstreet'' would have long since crippled our entire economy and monetary system.

President Bush has succeeded in that arena, although at a great cost, he embodies the historic spirit of a patriot and statesman. I believe the American people, seeing all the shortcomings, will re-elect him to complete this task, for he demonstrates loyalty and honor.

Sen. Kerry plays to the weak, those who have no vision for what can be, by holding the course. The words of Sen. Kerry seem mutinous and with malice, although dissent is a part of democracy, his character is maligned in failing to see beyond the horizon. Even our enemies taut us publically with his words; this is not a good sign. I am reminded of operations involving PSYOPS, that berate the mind with words that hold little logic, but appeal to those of little faith, those who are unable to grasp the courage to hold the course!

The American people will speak with a loud voice, one that demonstrates that we will follow the man, who seeks the face of God, in choosing the path that brings our nation together and under God.

As in elections bygone, we will declare winners before the polls close in some time zones across the USA, so I will now declare George W. Bush to be the victor.

In declaring this, I do not believe George Bush to be a "Captain Ahab", one that possesses a passion for the "white whale" that foregoes all logic and decency, I do believe that he will take the path, although most treacherous, one that will lead us to safety.



At 4:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Pictru, Its IBBQ4YOU2. I didn't set up any blogger profile in order to be able to comment with an identity attached. While I have enjoyed posting on the PIC message board in the past, things have changed and I don't really have much time to spend on the computer these days. I enjoy reading your blog as well as Hoots and V.C's blogs. I personally just don't have the time to start something as ambitious as a web log of my own.

Your "Longest Day" post struck me as such a profound view of exactly what I was thinking, but unable to put into words as eloquently as did you.

I am a registered Republican voter and have supported the party for many years, not particularly for the candidates, but for the moral qualities that the party persues. The Democrats have torn into the moral fabric of our laws and beliefs over the years and have helped to erode the entire morality of the country. This kind of thinking, IMHO, can only lead to further degradation of our country. While I know that when we, as a nation, arrive at any particular plateau, we will most probably never turn back. I just don't wish to see our great country torn any further down.

Thank God for George W. Bush and the U.S.A.

Thank God for people like you, Pictru


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