Saturday, July 01, 2006

"Who Moved My Cheese?"

In today’s world, businesses need agility, innovation, and growth, yet we’ve found that change often fails to happen because most people simply don’t want to change or they lack the skills to do it effectively. We provide practical solutions to help people succeed at organizational change in three simple stages:

Stage 1: Preparing For Change
Stage 2: Gaining Change Skills
Stage 3: Achieving A Change

refer to...

In years past, the above question was asked by the "chef' on Wednesday morning, in reference to the 40 lb. block of Wisconsin Cheddar, aged 6-9 months, that she had shredded the afternoon before on a buffalo chopper (shown below), in preparation for today's menu.

Now, the question is made in reference to my life....


At 4:03 AM, Blogger Hoots said...

Missed ya.
Welcome back!
Cat noticed first. (I might have missed it on the Bloglines aggregator because it's so full I never catch up. Too often I have to use the "mark all read" option.)


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