Thursday, July 06, 2006

Carrot Souffle

Jeff Albert Quartet Picadilly Carrot Souffle (LFD-2-004)

"Folks like Steve Turre and Ray Anderson aside, it ain't easy to conquer the jazz world leading a band on trombone. You have to give it to guys like New Orleans' Jeff Albert who undauntedly take up the task."
"humorously titled and invigoratingly performed."
"Picadilly Carrot Souffle succeeds as a calling card for Albert's talents."
-Geraldine Wyckoff, OffBeat Magazine
Its amazing that with over 169,000 hits on the words , "carrot souffle", on Google and still the story has not been fully told about how they came into being such a common term on any website, or conversation about food and recipes. The above mentioned cd project is a classic example how widespread and far-reaching carrot souffle has come. It crosses all genres!

In this day of intellectual property rights and corporations utilizing discoveries made by their rank and file without commendation and/or compensation, we should all look to the one person that has the ability to dispel all myths about "carrot souffle", the person that created, and the company that made millions off of it. It would be the Piccadilly unit manager and vice-president known on the world wide web as "Vietnamcatfish", or one could learn more about the man behind the mystique on his blog,

Sometimes in the paths of our daily routine, which we call life, we find people that add meaning to the day through hard work, goodwill, and a sense of humor and parody that helps us all realize the importance of certain things that are near and dear to us.



At 11:09 AM, Blogger vietnamcatfish said...

Thanks for the kind words. For some reason lately I have become "engaged" and am pounding on the old keyboard again. It feels good.
You have inspired me to tell the "carrot souffle" story and how it originated. The only thing I received "officially" from the brass was a nice "Thank you letter" from Joe Polito thanking me and my mom [ more she than me ] for the recipe.
Before PIC bought Morrisons Hoots told me at a Managers Meeting or maybe it was on the phone that he thought PIC should ante up $20,000 and give to me. As a token of their appreciation.
I knew that would never happen, and I took the "company man" stance that I was glad just to contribute to my company.
In retrospect, I was really a dickhead to be thinking dog squeeze like that. Fork 'em.
Good to see you writing forays again. Dirty Harry, er, v.c.


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