Saturday, July 01, 2006

a Comment to the Cat

"Well it's like, "Deja au jus" , I left the Picc 61 months ago, and would have a five-year pin at the gig I joined on 07/09/2001, had I not disembarked the golden spork in April. Even though I had found a similar job to the picc, but with nine holidays a year off, along with nights and weekends, I felt I needed a jolt of something big to bring me into my fifties.

So I jumped right back into the foray with what could have been a moray eel...very shocking! I was on the fast-track...the fast-track to endless days and nights and weekends of dealing with teens, coffee beans, schedules with holes as big as the ones in their jeans.

After years of hosting the rodeo, its hard to be just a clown. Luckily, I'm still set for a bit, but what is next? It seems we all want quality rather than quanity at this point, but can one find happiness in a trailer park unless you're a tornado? (thanks Tow Mater!) "


am I thru?


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